Speed Reading — YouTube - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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YouTube has a plan "to fight online terror". It will find dangerous videos and delete them. This includes videos on how to make fire-bombs. Google owns YouTube. Google announced four things YouTube would do about this problem. One thing will be to find and delete videos that might help terrorists. YouTube will also find videos that could get people to become terrorists. Finally, YouTube will show "anti-terrorism" adverts.

There are many problems with these four things. It is a big job to look at so many videos. Over one hour of video is uploaded on YouTube every second. That's one hundred years' of video every 10 days. Another problem is that many of the videos are not illegal. Terrorists could use a BBC news video in the wrong way. Google will use software to find bad videos. A final problem is deleting videos that do not break YouTube's guidelines, but help terrorists.

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