Speed Reading — Street Food - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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A street-food seller wants to give back a top chef's award. The seller, Jay Fai, 72, is known as the "crab omelet queen". Her street stall is in the middle of Bangkok. Her omelets are so tasty that the international food guide Michelin gave her a Michelin Star - one of the highest chef's awards. It is usually for chefs in top restaurants. Michelin is adding Bangkok to its food guide. Many people were surprised that a street-food seller got the Michelin Star.

Chefs are usually happy with a Michelin Star, but Jai Fai is not. She wants to return the star. Her life has changed too much. She said she does not like being famous and wants her old life back. She is getting stressed. Tourists take photos, people stop to watch her, and tax officers visited her. Fai said: "Many people come just to look and take pictures and not…to eat." She said happy customers are more important than "a million stars".

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