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A top British official has said the UK government should set a [forget / target] date for everybody in England to speak English. Dame Louise Casey is an [expert / expat] on social welfare and community interaction. She said a "common language" would help to "heal [rafts / rifts] across Britain". Ms Casey has been a long-time [critical / critic] of successive governments, who she [beams / deems] have failed to focus [on / in] integration in an ever-increasingly multicultural Britain. She said politicians had [continual / continually] failed to keep up with the "unprecedented [pace / space] and scale of immigration" over the past [decade / decadence] . She said that many communities were becoming increasingly divided, and a [slack / lack] of ability in English was a key factor in creating division.

The UK's Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, revealed [what / that] 770,000 people who live in England either speak no English whatsoever [nor / or] hardly any. He warned that [up / as] to 70 per cent of [those / them] whose English skills were lacking were women, [main / mostly] from Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities. He said these women were [to / at] great risk from inequality and discrimination. Ms Casey said: "Everybody of working age and of school age should be [ability / able] to speak one language, and I think the public in [particular / peculiar] would feel some relief." Opponents of Ms Casey's views say England should be [pride / proud] to be a multi-lingual country and not [farce / force] people to learn English if they have no desire to.

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