Gap Fill - Cheerleaders - Level 4


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   bill      captain      classically      eloquent      energy      ever      experience      eyes      fans      first      history      humbled      interviews      just      magnetic      more      part      squad      surprise      too  
American Football are in for a because for the first time , an NFL team will have male cheerleaders. The Los Angeles Rams have recruited two men as of its cheer . They will be the men in NFL to dance alongside female cheerleaders. The two men are both trained dancers. They have years of . They were selected after three weeks of auditions and .

The of the cheerleaders squad said: "They really fit the to be a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader. They are intelligent......and than qualified to be ambassadors." She added: "They bring so much and there's something so about their performance that you really can't take your off them." The men were at being chosen. They want to prove that "boys can dance ".

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