Gap Fill - Cold Noodles - Level 4


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   decades      families      family      first      foot      free      gift      historic      history      leaders      many      media      never      peace      queues      relations      shops      talks      technically      their  
Cold noodles helped historic between North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea's President Moon Jae-in. They discussed issues, including a nuclear- Korean Peninsular. Kim Jong-un made by becoming the North Korean leader to step in the South. He joked about his of cold noodles for Mr Moon. Immediately after, started outside cold noodle in Seoul. "Cold noodles" trended on social .

World hope the summit will lead to peace. The two Koreas are still at war. They signed a peace treaty after the Korean War. China praised the leaders for "political courage" to seek and to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. China called the summit a " moment". Many separated after the Korean War hope better will let them reunite with members after of separation.

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