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A [simple / simply] TV advertisement for a razor has created great debate and gone [viral / virally] online. The ad simply shows women shaving real body hair [of / from] their body. This seems to be an everyday [occur / occurrence] and nothing to write home about; [nothing / noting] revolutionary; normal TV-ad fare. However, it is the first time that an advert has been shown on U.S. TV showing the shaving of [actual / actually] body hair. For decades, razor companies have aired ads showing women shaving already [totally / total] smooth, airbrushed legs and armpits. There is never a [hairy / hair] in sight in these commercials. It seems as though the ad companies want to promote the [falsehood / falsely] that women have hairless bodies. The new ad by the razor brand Billie has [directed / rectified] this.

Billie's ad is the first [commerce / commercial] in 100 years of advertising that has shown women to have body hair. All [impervious / previous] ads had shown women to be hairless. Billie showed women shaving off hair from [toes / toe] , armpits, between their eyebrows, and on their stomachs. Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley told Glamour magazine that she was [shocking / shocked] at how razor companies had previously [portrait / portrayed] women to have picture-perfect bodies. She [criticized / criticism] the companies, saying: "When brands [pretend / pretense] that all women have hairless bodies, it's a [version / vision] of body-shaming. It's saying you should feel [ashamed / shamed] of having body hair." She added: "Shaving is a personal choice, and no one should be telling women what to do with [that / their] hair."

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