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The words
Over half of British people take tea bags with [there / them] when they leave Britain to go on holiday or go [on / in] a business trip. British people are famous for loving tea and [needy / need] their cup of tea even when travelling overseas. A survey [find / found] that tea bags were the most popular comfort item Britons pack in their suitcase when [going / gone] abroad. The survey is from a car rental company. It asked [more / over] 1,000 holidaymakers what essentials they need when visiting [other / another] countries. Around 55 per cent of them said tea bags. Other items Britons couldn't [have / do] without are toilet paper, [fluffy / fluff] towels, potato chips and bacon. Britons also take their favourite biscuits, presumably to [drip / dip] into their morning cuppa.

One of the people who took [party / part] in the survey explained why he took tea bags with him. Richard Ellis, 39, said: "I always [fake / take] my favourite tea bags on holiday. I took [them / their] to Thailand last year. It doesn't matter where I [be / am] , the tea bags go with me – even to my parents who live down the road [from / for] me but don't drink the same tea as me." Another person wondered why people needed to [taken / take] things from home. Sue Smith said: "We can buy things from home [on / in] other countries. We should try the food and drinks of the [culture / couture] we are visiting." The car rental company said: "It's [real / really] interesting to see what holidaymakers decide to take with them." The company added: "A fifth of people admitting they [pack / peck] too much."

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