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A theme park in France has established a [book / novel] and environmentally-friendly way of keeping its grounds [freely / free] of litter. It has selected and trained six "intelligent" rooks [to / for] pick up rubbish and keep the park clean. Rooks are members of the crow family and are [as / up] to 47cm in length. The clever birds will be [put / putting] to work at the Puy du Fou theme park [in / on] the west of France. They have been trained [to / for] pick up cigarette ends, paper and other things people throw [on / in] the ground. The birds pick up the litter and [deposits / deposit] it into a special trash can, which then delivers some bird feed as [the / a] reward. The more litter the birds put in the trash can, the more food they get.

The head of the theme park, Nicolas de Villiers, explained the [rational / rationale] of using the crows to the AFP news agency. He said there were several [reasoning / reasons] for deploying the crows. He said: "The goal is not [just / justly] to clean up, because the visitors are [generally / general] careful to keep things clean, but also to [demonstrative / demonstrate] that nature itself can teach [us / them] to take care of the environment." Crows are highly sociable and [intelligence / intelligent] birds. Some biologists say they are as [smart / smartly] as a seven-year-old child. Mr De Villiers said: "In an affectionate, supportive atmosphere, they like to communicate with humans and establish a relationship [though / through] play." The crows are speedy workers and can fill a bucket with rubbish [in / on] less than 45 minutes.

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