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The words
The United States Defense Department is [going / gone] to spend up to $2 billion on artificial intelligence (AI) weapons [over / under] the next five years. This will be the most the department has [never / ever] spent on AI systems for weapons. The department wants to have the [most / must] advanced weapons in the world. It wants its weapons to be [more / better] than those of China and Russia. Defense bosses want future [weapon / weapons] to be trusted and accepted [by / at] military generals and commanders. They want to make [ensure / sure] weapons in the future do not [fake / make] mistakes. Department official John Everett said: "We think it's a good time to seed the field of AI. We think we can accelerate two [decades / decadence] of progress into five years."

Some of the new AI weapons may be [ability / able] to make and act on their own decisions. This [means / mean] computer systems and algorithms could make a decision (without any [humane / human] decision-making) to attack a target that could [killer / kill] people. Many people think this is dangerous and could lead to [innocent / innocence] lives being lost. The Defense Department said AI technology could, "make it [possibly / possible] to develop and use autonomous systems that could independently select and attack targets with deadly [farce / force] ". It added that weapons using AI systems can currently choose [targets / target] on their own, but military commanders do not want to let the weapons decide [on / in] the targets to attack. The commanders want to make the [finally / final] decision.

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