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The United States Defense Department is going to spend up to $2 billion on intelligence (AI) weapons over the five years. This will be the the department has ever spent on AI systems for weapons. The department wants to have the most weapons in the world. It wants its weapons to be than those of China and Russia. Defense bosses want weapons to be trusted and accepted by military and commanders. They want to make sure weapons in the future do not make . Department official John Everett said: "We think it's a good to seed the field of AI. We think we can accelerate two decades of into five years."

Some of the AI weapons may be able to make and on their own . This means computer systems and algorithms could make a decision (without human decision-making) to attack a that could kill people. Many people think this is and could lead to innocent lives being lost. The Defense Department said AI technology could, "make it to develop and [use] autonomous systems that could independently select and attack targets with [deadly] ". It added that weapons using AI systems can currently choose targets on their own, but commanders do not want to let the weapons decide on the targets to attack. The commanders want to make the decision.

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