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The world-famous credit card company Mastercard is [removal / removing] its name from its company logo. It will follow the [liking / likes] of Apple and Nike to have a logo that has a [symbol / symbolism] only and no writing. Mastercard had traditionally used a logo that had overlapping yellow and red [circles / circulars] with the word "Mastercard" written over the [stop / top] . The company has decided to [drop / drape] the word "Mastercard" and use just the two [interesting / intersecting] circles as a wordless logo. The new logo will be used [has / as] the brand's symbol on credit cards and in stores, as well as on advertising at sports and [other / another] events. The company's marketing officer said over 80 per cent of people spontaneously recognized the [new / newly] symbol without the word "Mastercard".

Mastercard [conduction / conducted] extensive research for more than 20 months on how recognizable the new logo would be [within / without] its name being on it. The new logo is part of a [width / wider] strategy to transition from [being / been] a credit card company to a digital payments and financial [service / services] company. The world is now full of instantly recognizable logos that [contain / contents] no words. Apple's bitten apple logo and Nike's swoosh are prime examples. Most of the logos of apps on people's smartphones are [justly / just] symbols. A design expert spoke about maximizing the effect of a small logo [on / at] a phone or watch. He said: "You're trying to optimize for a very small piece of [really / real] estate on a very small piece of glass....A 10-letter name is kind of a [monster / master] ."

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