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Russia will build more missiles. This is because the USA suspended the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INFT) on February 1st. Russia did the same the next day. The INFT was signed in 1987. It was to limit the number of missiles that could hit European capitals. It banned Russia and the USA from using short- and medium-range missiles. Russian media have stated that Russia would make a "100 megaton nuclear doomsday device".

Russia's media have written a lot about the device. They say it is too fast for missile defense systems. It could cause devastation and 100-meter tsunami waves. Its radiation could wipe out life for a thousand kilometers. A newspaper wrote: "Any US attack on Russia would be a suicidal misadventure." The paper didn't mention the idea of M.A.D. - Mutually Assured Destruction. M.A.D. sees both countries destroying each other.

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