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A father in Australia is being [failed / hailed] as a hero after saving his baby son from the [jars / jaws] of a wild dingo. The baby was [drugged / dragged] from his campervan on Australia's Fraser Island on Friday. His father awoke and heard his son's screams outside. He rushed to his son's [aid / ode] and dragged his son [from / of] the dingo's jaws. He also fought [on / off] other animals in the pack. The 14-month-old baby boy was [rushed / brushed] to hospital and underwent [surgery / sugary] for a fractured skull and deep cuts to his neck and head. Doctors report he is now in a [stable / staple] condition and is expected to make a full recovery. The father said: "Our son is doing well....We ask the media to please respect our family's [private / privacy] while we focus on our son's recovery."

The [recently / recent] attack on the infant boy is the third such incident this year. Fraser Island [residents / residence] are worried that the attacks could threaten the island's [heritage / hermitage] status. Long-term resident, Hannah Robinson, said many visitors did not [reality / realize] they should not camp in [unfenced / fencing] areas with children under the age of 12. She said there was not enough education about how to be aware of the [treat / threat] of the animals on the island. She added: "We have been calling for a visitors' center [for / four] years. This is one of the most-visited national parks and there [isn't / is] nobody around to give people information about [what / that] they can and cannot do. People who do the wrong thing are either [navel / naive] or stupid."

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