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The words
Workers around the world have experienced burnout for [decade / decades] . Burnout is mental exhaustion [due / dew] to too much stress at work. This problem has now been [defining / defined] by the WHO as a medical problem. It says people have burnout if they often [lack / luck] energy or feel exhausted; if they feel very negative about [them / their] job; and if they have problems finishing [tasks / tusks] in their job. The WHO says doctors should treat [patients / patents] for burnout. However, doctors are among the highest-stress professions. They get burnout [twice / double] as often as average workers. The number of people with burnout has been [increase / increasing] at a worrying rate. More and more workers are getting ill because of high levels of stress [at / to] work.

Burnout was [identity / identified] as a problem in 1974 by American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. Since then, hundreds of [study / studies] have tried to explain what it is. Researchers have said it is [simile / similar] to anxiety or mood disorders, and can [go / come] from depression. According to the Mayo Clinic website, burnout can cause [seriously / serious] health problems. These can include insomnia, heart disease, [high / highly] blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. The clinic's website gives [advise / advice] on how to manage burnout. It [suggests / suggestions] talking to your boss to change your workload; reaching [out / in] to co-workers, family and friends; and trying relaxing activities like tai chi, meditation, going [at / for] a walk in the countryside, and yoga.

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