Speed Reading — Cultural Appropriation - Level 5 — 300 wpm

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Kim Kardashian West has angered Japan after starting a new lingerie brand called 'Kimono Intimates'. People have accused Kardashian of cultural appropriation. They say the lingerie disrespects Japanese culture. The kimono is an iconic symbol in Japan. It is a beautifully decorated, long-sleeved robe, usually made of silk. It is worn on special occasions. People say it is Japan's national dress. A Japanese woman explained to the BBC: "We wear kimonos to celebrate the growth of children, marriages, graduations....It's...passed on in families through the generations."

There is a lot of backlash against Kardashian on social media. The lingerie has no resemblance to kimonos or anything Japanese. The American socialite is trying to trademark other kimono-worded brands, such as "Kimono Body" and "Kimono World". A Twitter user wrote: "What a disgusting thing to use the word 'kimono'. It's disrespectful to Japanese culture. True cultural appropriation." Another person tweeted: "I feel very sad that the name 'Kimono' is being used for something completely different from what we Japanese know about it. I feel this name choice is simply ignorant."

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