Gap Fill - Vegan Fashion - Level 4


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   accessories      animal      bark      brands      change      coats      decade      fake      fashion      free      increase      lead      lives      planet      popular      recycled      rights      shoppers      theme      welfare  
Veganism has become more in the past . People are becoming vegans to help the . Giving up meat and other food from animals is the biggest vegans make to their . Vegans are now thinking about fashion. There is a big in the sales of vegan clothing, footwear , and products that are free from products. These include synthetic fur and shoes made from tree , rubber and coconut fibre.

Researchers say 42 per cent of think about animal before buying clothes. Many people would consider buying vegan shoes. Vegan is a trend in luxury . Stella McCartney designed clothes that are from leather. She uses products. The clothes have a Beatles . Her father, Paul, was singer of the Beatles. She designed leather-free sneakers and fur coats. Ms McCartney is a big animal activist.

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