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   all      bad      better      character      different      doors      fit      he      it      just      leader      photo      photos      politician      racist      rival      shocked      skinned      sorry      teacher  
Canada's Justin Trudeau apologized for of him in brownface. He looked like a brown- person. This is . One was taken when was a in 2001. He dressed as a from Aladdin. Mr Trudeau said: "I shouldn't have done . I should have known , but I didn't. And I'm really ."

The photo is news for Mr Trudeau. He wants to stay as Canada's . His said Canadians were by the photo. He said: "Brownface was... as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019." He said Trudeau was "not " to be Canada's leader. Another said Trudeau was a person "behind closed ".

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