Gap Fill - Turkey-Syria - Level 4


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   actions      border      buffer      ceasefire      despite      entire      forces      home      invasion      maelstrom      military      opportunity      problem      sanctions      talks      time      towns      troops      violence      week  
Donald Trump has asked Turkey's President Erdogan to end actions in Syria. Turkey attacked in northern Syria last after the USA pulled out some . Turkey attacked Kurdish fighters to create a on its . Mr Trump called for a ceasefire and for with the Kurds. The US asked Turkey to stop the , and to "begin to negotiate with Kurdish in Syria to bring an end to the ".

Turkey said it would continue its in Syria, calls from around the world to stop. Mr Erdogan said: "We will never declare a ....The US is announcing ....We are not worried about sanctions." He added: "The world missed its to prevent...pulling an region into a of instability." He said the whole world should support Turkey. Mr Trump said: "It is not our . It is for us to go ."

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