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A plastic could prevent bacteria and causing diseases. Scientists have developed a new, transparent, plastic wonder-. They say it will cut microbe transfer in hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and places where gather. Researchers from a in Canada developed the plastic. They say it can repel all of bacteria, including superbugs. The material is like the common plastic wrap used to cover . It can be shrink-wrapped to protect places that attract bacteria, like worktops, door , and hospital equipment.

The researchers said their came from the plant. They tried to copy how lotus leaves repelled water. Drops of water sit on the of the leaves or bounce off. A researcher wanted to apply that process to the plastic. She said: "We're structurally tuning that plastic. This material gives us that can be applied to all kinds of things." Another researcher said: "We can see this being used in all kinds of.... As the world confronts the of anti-microbial resistance, we hope it will become an part of the anti-bacterial ."

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