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The Oscar-winning actor and director George Clooney has spoken about [allegations / allegation] of child labour at the Nespresso coffee company, for which he is [bland / brand] ambassador. Clooney is a member of Nespresso's sustainability advisory [bored / board] , which aims to ensure coffee is [sourced / sauces] from ethical and sustainable [supplying / suppliers] . He said: "We knew it was a big project when it started seven years ago, and [honest / honestly] I was surprised and saddened to see this story." An [undercover / uncover] investigation by the UK TV company Channel 4 filmed children on six coffee [planting / plantations] in Guatemala picking coffee beans and carrying large [socks / sacks] of coffee on their backs. The farms [supply / demand] coffee beans to Nespresso.

Mr Clooney has [vowed / wowed] that, "work will be done" by Nespresso to [eradicate / educate] any forms of child labour [within / wither] its operations. Clooney spoke about his own [downgrading / upbringing] , living on a tobacco farm in the USA and picking tobacco during his school holidays. He said: "[Having / Had] grown up working on a tobacco farm from the time I was 12, I'm [uniquely / unique] aware of the complex issues regarding farming and child labour." Nespresso said it has [launch / launched] a "thorough investigation" and has [suspended / suspense] all purchases from the plantations. It added: "Nespresso has zero [tolerate / tolerance] of child labour. It is unacceptable. We will continue to do all we can to stamp out child labour. It has [no / not] place in our supply chain."

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