Speed Reading — Asian Giant Hornets - Level 0 — 200 wpm 

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The Asian giant hornet is scary. They are from Japan and Korea but are moving to the USA. They kill around 40 people a year in Japan. They also kill honeybees. A few dozen hornets can kill 30,000 bees in a few hours. People on the west coast of the USA have to be careful of the hornets. Beekeepers are worried about their bees.

Hornets are five centimeters long. A bee breeder said: "They're like something out of a monster cartoon." The hornet's sting is very painful. A beekeeper said it is like "red-hot thumbtacks...in [your] flesh". They sting through the clothes beekeepers wear. Hornets give a warning sound before they sting. They click their jaws.

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