Speed Reading — TikTok - Level 1 — 100 wpm 

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The on-off talks between Microsoft and TikTok are back on. Microsoft wants to buy part of TikTok. Discussions between the two companies ended last week when Donald Trump said he might ban TikTok in the USA. He was worried about the personal details of Americans getting into the wrong hands. He changed his mind after the Microsoft CEO phoned him. Microsoft said it would ensure that all private data of US users would stay in the United States.

TikTok is the latest social media site to become very popular. Users upload short videos of themselves lip-syncing to songs, dancing, making faces or doing other funny things. TikTok is based in Beijing. A Chinese businessman started it in 2012. It has over 800 million users worldwide. Microsoft is offering $50 billion for a part of the company. A business website said this value was too high and that TikTok wasn't worth $50 billion.

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