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Stress baking helped during U.S. election






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The U.S. election was stressful. A research company said the election was a cause of stress in 49 per cent of people. Only COVID-19 caused more stress. The company said 55 per cent of adults thought November the 3rd was the most stressful day of the year. They couldn't imagine being more stressed and wanted 2020 to be over. A self-care app said: "It's not just the election anxiety - this year has been a marathon of stress. These are not normal times."

Months of non-stop news made people stressed. They baked to feel better. More cakes and bread went into ovens before the election. Stress baking is now a top self-care activity. Around 27 per cent of people baked to relieve stress. However, 41 per cent gained weight. One woman said baking reduced her election stress. She said: "I'm prepared and have a post-election plan. In reality, we probably won't have a clear winner for weeks after election day."

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