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The words
Scientists in Israel say they have [conducted / contracted] tests to successfully stop and [reserve / reverse] the biological ageing process. The tests were part of a [join / joint] project by Tel Aviv University and the Shamir Medical Center. The researchers said the science [beyond / behind] their experiments [was / were] very simple - they used only oxygen to slow down and turn around what happens [at / to] cells as they age. They used high-pressure oxygen [on / at] cells that were in a pressure chamber. The scientists said two processes related [at / to] aging and illnesses slowed down. The scientists did tests on 35 adults over the age [for / of] 64 for 90 minutes a day, five times a week for three months. Their study was [published / publication] in the magazine "Aging" on November the 18th.

A [lead / leader] scientist explained how important his team's research was. Professor Shai Efrati says the study shows [what / that] the ageing process can be reversed at the cellular level. He says we may be [ability / able] to stop telomeres from shortening. Telomeres are [inside / insides] cells. The shorter they become, the more we [old / age] . If we can stop them getting [shorter / shorten] , cells will not age. Professor Efrati said: "Today telomere shortening is [consider / considered] the 'Holy Grail' of the biology of ageing. Researchers around the world are [tried / trying] to develop drugs that enable telomere lengthening." He added: "The study gives [hope / hoping] , and opens the door for a lot of young scientists to [target / aim] ageing as a reversible disease."

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