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UNESCO gave an award to a festival. It added South Korea's Lotus Lantern Festival to its list of intangible cultural heritage. Some things that UNESCO adds to its list are tangible - meaning we can touch them. Examples are the Pyramids in Egypt. If something is intangible, we cannot touch it. Events like South Korea's Lotus Lantern Festival, a dance or a method for weaving baskets are examples of intangible heritage.

The South Korean festival celebrates Buddha's birthday. It symbolizes light and fairness. The festival dates back 2,000 years. There was a temple in 57BC that royals visited to see lotus lanterns. Today, people decorate temples with lanterns made of paper and bamboo. Towns hold parades where people carry lanterns through the streets. A spokesperson said: "We will try to make the festival a cultural heritage that can be loved by people around the world."

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