Speed Reading — Pigs - Level 2 — 100 wpm

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Pigs are more intelligent than we thought. They can play video games. Researchers tested their gaming skills. They were surprised because the pigs could play games. Researchers got four pigs to play a simple game at different levels. They had to move a joystick with their nose to move a cursor. If they did it, they got a treat. The lead researcher said: "It's very clear they had some...understanding of what they were being asked to do."

The pigs spent many days playing the game. They played it on three different levels. The higher levels had nicer treats. A scientist said: "The pigs clearly understood the connection between their own behavior, the joystick, and what was happening on the screen." The researchers want to understand how pigs get information, and what pigs can learn and remember. This will help us to understand more about how pigs interact with humans.

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