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Older UK farmers to get $140,000 for retiring






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The UK government wants to change its farming industry. It has a plan to pay older farmers to retire. It wants younger farmers to replace them. Some older farmers could get up to $140,000 in cash if they retire. The government wants to protect the environment. Older farmers use more traditional methods to farm their land. These are not so environmentally friendly. The UK's farming minister believes younger farmers will use greener methods. He said: "A fresh perspective can make a world of difference." He said older farmers were "standing in the way of change".

The average age of a UK farmer is 59. Around 40 per cent are over 65. The farming minister said: "We need to address the...challenges of helping new [farmers] fulfill their dream of gaining access to land, while also helping an older generation to retire." The plan is popular with veteran farmers. A farmers' group said 75 per cent of its farmers were interested in the plan. Another group welcomed the government's plan. It said: "We want to see a fair transition which allows farmers who are [retiring] to have sufficient time and information to make those life-changing decisions."

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