Speed Reading — Deep Dive Dubai - Level 1 — 300 wpm

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Dubai already has world records for the tallest skyscraper and largest shopping mall. Now it has the world's deepest dive pool. Deep Dive Dubai is 60 metres deep and contains 14 million litres of water - the same as six Olympic swimming pools. It is warm enough for divers to not need thick wetsuits. It is in an oyster-shaped complex with a restaurant and conference rooms. There is also a film studio for movie-makers to film underwater scenes.

The Crown Prince of Dubai was one of the first guests at the pool. He did a dive. Deep Dive Dubai's website says the pool is part of a "stunning" attraction that looks like an abandoned underwater city. It is "filled with adventure and wonder". It will take several dives to see it all. The pool has 56 cameras for the safety of divers. High-tech sound and lighting will create different underwater moods. The pool's staff are all expert international diving professionals.

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