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A 104-year-old woman from Kerala, India has passed a [statute / state] literacy test. Her name is Kuttiyamma and she only learned to read and write last year. Despite having just a year's [tutor / tuition] and being somewhat older than the [average / averaged] pupil, Kuttiyamma passed her tests with [sailing / flying] colours. She achieved a score of 89 per cent on the Kerala State Literacy Test. Such was her [inspiration / inspirational] achievement, Kerala's education minister [congratulated / congratulations] her. He tweeted: "With the [adjust / utmost] love and respect, I wish Kuttiyamma...the best." He uploaded a photo of the [comet / star] student in which she is grinning from [nose / ear] to ear. Another person tweeted: "I salute Kuttiyamma for her dedication. It will inspire others for [sure / surely] ."

Kerala state has India's highest literacy [ratio / rate] at 96.2 per cent and invests heavily [on / in] education. It has a [strong / strength] focus on adult education, which Kuttiyamma [benefited / beneficial] from. Her endeavours [prove / proof] that age is just a number and that we can achieve anything when we put our [mends / minds] to it. Kuttiyamma did not have a formal education as she did not go to school. However, her state-assigned tutor called her "a very [sharp / shape] woman". He said his student was "overjoyed" after she saw her [test / testy] results. A state official said: "Kuttiyamma is a role model and [motivational / motivation] to all women in adult education". Kuttiyamma said she wants to start writing letters and continue her [studies / studious] to improve her skills.

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