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UK government gives twice-fired politician top honour






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The U.K. awarded one of its top honours to an ex-minister who was fired twice. Gavin Williamson, 45, will get a knighthood for services to public life. He will be a "Sir". Many politicians are angry. He was fired as Defence Secretary by then Prime Minister Theresa May in 2019 because of a leak about national security. Ms May said she had, "lost confidence in his ability". Current PM Boris Johnson fired him from being Education Secretary in 2021 after a series of gaffes.

Knighthoods are for Britons who have excelled and have been great leaders or winners. Williamson became a politician in 2010. One politician said he did not deserve the award, and was the "worst Education Secretary in history". Another called his record "disgraceful". She said he "left children to go hungry" and created two years of exam chaos. Some newspapers say the award is for Williamson's silence over allegations about Boris Johnson.

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