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The U.K. government has [awarded / rewarded] one of its highest honours to a former minister who was fired twice by [succession / successive] Prime Ministers. Gavin Williamson, 45, will receive a [knighthood / knight] for services to [public / publicly] life. He will become "Sir" Gavin Williamson. The award has [angry / angered] many politicians in Britain due to Mr Willamsons' somewhat [choked / checkered] career. He was fired [was / as] Defence Secretary by then Prime Minister Theresa May in 2019 over a national security [leak / leaky] over discussions about the UK's national security and Chinese telecoms company Huawei. Ms May said she had, "lost confidence [on / in] his ability to serve". Current PM Boris Johnson fired him from being Education Secretary in September 2021 following a [serious / series] of gaffes.
Knighthoods are awarded to Britons who have excelled [in / of] their field or in areas of public life.

[Omnipotence / Recipients] have usually spent decades as incredible leaders or [winners / winnings] . Williamson only became a politician in 2010. Other politicians have said he is undeserving [of / to] the honour. One said the only award he should get [was / be] "worst Education Secretary in history". Another said his record [in / to] government was "disgraceful". She said: "Williamson left children to go [hunger / hungry] , created two years of complete [chaos / chaotic] over exams, and failed to get laptops [work / out] to kids struggling to learn during lockdowns." Some newspapers said the award is in return for Williamson keeping quiet about allegations [circumnavigating / surrounding] Boris Johnson.

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