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Everyone that good sleep is important for our health. Not everyone knows how important it to sleep in the dark. A new report says with the light on could bad for our health. Researchers say turning off the light when we sleep to keep away diabetes and heart disease. Sleeping with the light on could the risk of getting these diseases. The researchers said around 40 per cent of people sleep with some sort of artificial light. They said even light from a television or alarm clock could our health. They added that the worst thing to with is a main light. Sleeping in the dark is more difficult for people who in cities, where there a lot of outdoor light at night.

The researchers from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, USA. The lead researcher, Dr Phyllis Zee, an expert in sleep medicine. She said it is healthier for us to turn off all lights when we sleep. Her team a study of the blood sugar levels of 20 people after nights of sleep. The people who with a light on had higher blood sugar levels the next morning to those who slept in total darkness. Dr Zee said this is because light stimulates brain activity, which blood sugar levels. She said there are three things we can to reduce the risk of illness: off the lights, never sleep with white or blue light; and a blackout curtain or an eye mask.

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