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The words
The World Health Organization (WHO) has [announcing / announced] a shocking finding about the air we [breath / breathe] . It has found that almost everyone on Earth breathes unhealthy air. The WHO made [its / fresh] air quality update [heading / ahead] of World Health Day on April 7. The update reported that 99 per cent of the world's [population / populated] breathes air that [exceeds / succeeds] WHO air quality limits. It looked at data from over 6,000 cities in 117 countries. People [living / lived] in lower- and middle-income countries breathe the poorest-quality air. Millions of people [dead / die] in these countries because of pollution-related diseases. The WHO said: "After [surviving / survival] a pandemic, it is unacceptable to still have 7 million preventable deaths...due [for / to] air pollution."

The WHO said its [reported / report] highlighted the need to move away from fossil fuels. It [asking / asked] governments to do more to reduce levels of air pollution. It said: "Current energy [concern / concerns] highlight the importance of speeding [down / up] the transition to cleaner and healthier energy systems." It added that [high / increase] gas prices, energy security, the dangers of [air / aired] pollution, and climate change mean the world must be less dependent [on / in] fossil fuels. The WHO report included many recommendations for [change / chance] . Among these were, "the exclusive use of clean household energy [for / to] cooking, heating and lighting," and to "build safe and affordable public transport systems and pedestrian- and cycle-friendly [networks / network] ".

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