Speed Reading — Neckties - Level 6 — 500 wpm

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Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has urged his fellow citizens to ditch their neckties to help save energy and the planet. Mr Sanchez made his plea at a press conference on Friday. He addressed journalists tieless, and called on Spanish people to follow his lead amid the country's months-long heatwave. He stated: "I would like you to see that I am not wearing a tie. I have asked all ministers and public decision-makers to do likewise. That means we can all save energy." He added: "I would also like to ask the private sector that…they should not wear a tie either because, in that way, we will all be contributing to the energy savings that are so necessary for our country."

Mr Sanchez said Spain would soon adopt "urgent" energy-saving measures to tackle the climate crisis, and to reduce its reliance on Russian gas. Many other European countries are doing what they can to be less dependent on Russia for fuel in the wake of the Ukraine War. It is as yet unclear what actions Mr Sanchez will take to save energy. His government has already set restrictions on the use of air conditioners and heating appliances in the workplace. The recent heatwaves and rising energy prices have taken their toll on Spain. More than 500 people have passed away in the past two weeks because of the heat. Spain has also introduced a relief package of $9.2 billion to help people pay energy bills.

Comprehension questions
  1. What might ditching neckties might save besides energy?
  2. Where did Spain's leader address journalists?
  3. How long has Spain's heatwave been?
  4. Who has Spain's leader asked not to wear a tie besides decision-makers?
  5. What will everyone be doing by not wearing a tie?
  6. What might energy-saving measures help to tackle?
  7. What do European countries want to rely less on?
  8. What has Spain set restrictions on using besides air conditioners?
  9. What is the current death toll in Spain from heat waves?
  10. How much is the relief package to help with people's energy bills?

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