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The words
Only a [mouthful / handful] of countries are famous [for / to] producing cheese. Switzerland is one of them. However, for the first time, Switzerland is importing [more / most] cheese than it exports. The reason [are / is] that in the 1990s, Switzerland opened up its [milky / milk] market. This meant other countries could sell milk in Switzerland. The result is that Swiss farmers have had difficulty [completing / competing] with the cheaper, imported milk. Many Swiss dairy farmers have given [down / up] because they can no longer make a profit. This has [led / lid] to a decrease in the quantity of cheese made in Switzerland. A spokesperson for the Swiss Dairy Association said the country can [know / now] only produce enough cheese for its [own / owner] population.

Swiss cheese like Gruyere and Emmental are well [knowing / known] for their high quality. Restaurants worldwide [add / minus] these cheeses to their menus. However, eateries and supermarkets [abound / around] the world may have to replace Swiss cheeses with [them / those] from England, France or Venezuela. Even though Switzerland is not exporting as [many / much] cheese, the Swiss are still big cheese [eats / eaters] . They are actually eating more cheese than [never / ever] . The Swiss Info website said Swiss people ate an average of 22.9 kg [per / par] person last year. Dairy farmer Lina Fischer was sad to see so many farms [disappearing / disappearance] . She said: "From fondues to fried cheese balls, cheese is a big part of life in Switzerland. We [needy / need] our farms, and cheese."

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