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Chechnya has made a rule about music speed. It has banned songs that are too fast or too slow. It said all music and songs should have a tempo of between 80 to 116 beats per minute. Eighty beats per minute is much slower than most modern pop music. However, Russia's national anthem is 76 beats per minute. There has been no word about whether it can be played. It seems likely it will not have to follow the new rule.

The ban on up-tempo and down-tempo music is to protect Chechnya's culture. The Moscow Times said it was, "to root out any hint of Westernization". Chechnya's leader said "Borrowing musical culture from other people's is [not allowed]." The culture minister said the ban will give children their cultural heritage. Local artists must rewrite their songs to follow the new rule. People will no longer be able to listen to techno music or many pop songs.

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