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Rapper Jay Z has launched a music subscription streaming site called Tidal. Many of music's major stars have joined the project and have become co-owners. These include Beyonce and Madonna. Tidal will rival other streaming sites like Spotify. It does not have as many songs as its rivals. The owners hope people will use it because it is the first streaming site owned by musicians. It will offer its 25 million songs for $9.99 a month.

Tidal hopes it "will forever change the course of music history". It will give artists more control over their music and how it is sold. Traditionally, they have had little control. Jay Z said he wanted artists to get more money. He said: "We didn't like the direction music was going in." He wants singers to ask their record labels to give Tidal new music a week before other services. This will give Tidal a head start in selling the music.

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