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The words
An employee of the Trump Organisation has [admits / admitted] plagiarism in [helping / help] to write Melania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention. Mrs Trump was [spoken / speaking] at the convention to support her husband Donald becoming the Republican nominee in the [racing / race] to be President of the USA in November. She [made / did] a speech about how great she thought her husband [be / was] . Unfortunately, many journalists recognised [sever / several] lines from the speech. They were [identical / identify] to lines in a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008 about her [hubby / husband] Barack. Newspapers have been full of stories in [recent / recently] days about how Donald Trump's organisation allowed Mrs Trump to make a speech that was plagiarised.

Plagiarism is [copying / coping] the work of other people without saying you are copying it. Students are [teaching / taught] from a very young age not to copy because it is [stolen / stealing] . Students who copy the [worked / work] of others usually receive an F-grade for their work. Schools often [excel / expel] students for plagiarism. Dr Alex Goodall, a university examination [expat / expert] , said: "Melania's speech offers us a graphic example of plagiarism [on / in] action, from the highest levels of American politics." Writing expert Dr Declan Kavanagh said that [because / due] of the plagiarism, people will not trust or believe her words. Donald Trump said the [stories / story] was "good news" because the speech, "got more [publicity / publicly] than any speech in the history of politics".

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