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An of the Trump Organisation has admitted plagiarism in helping to write Melania Trump's at the Republican National Convention. Mrs Trump was speaking at the to support her husband Donald becoming the Republican in the race to be President of the USA in November. She made a speech about how she thought her was. Unfortunately, many journalists recognised lines from the speech. They were identical to lines in a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008 about her husband Barack. Newspapers have been full of in recent about how Donald Trump's allowed Mrs Trump to make a speech that was plagiarised.

Plagiarism is copying the of other people without saying you are copying it. Students are taught from a young age not to copy because it is stealing. Students who copy the work of others receive an F-grade for their work. Schools often expel students for . Dr Alex Goodall, a university examination , said: "Melania's speech offers us a example of plagiarism in action, from the levels of American politics." Writing expert Dr Declan Kavanagh said that of the plagiarism, people will not trust or believe her words. Donald Trump said the story was "good " because the speech, "got more than any [speech] in the history of politics".

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