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A 30-second video from a company in Japan has made women . The Tokyu rail company wants women to stop putting on make-up on trains. The video has the : "Women in the city are all . But they are ugly to see, at ….Please refrain from putting on make-up on the train." A Tokyu said the video is one of an eight-part series aimed at educating passengers on train , rules and good manners on the trains. Tokyu said it had received a lot of feedback about the video and it would continue to show it.

Many women have criticized the video as being . A woman tweeted: "I can understand if Tokyu's asks me to stop putting make-up on because might spill, but a train company has no to tell me whether I look beautiful or ." Another wrote: "If Tokyu wants to clamp down on people who make others , it should [target] people with body , or people who smell of or vomit." A survey of passengers said women putting on make-up was on a list of nuisances on trains. Other included people talking loudly on smartphones.

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