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There have been crazy in supermarkets across France. Shoppers have been fighting and punching other to buy of the hazelnut Nutella. A nationwide chain of supermarkets cut the of it by 70 per cent. The supermarket Intermarché launched a on 950-gram jars of the sweet treat on January 25. The cost was slashed from €4.50 to €1.41. Long formed outside stores, but shoppers lost their in the aisles. A witness at one store described the . She told French media: "They fought like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an lady had a cardboard box put on her head, and another woman had a bloody hand. It was terrible."

The of Nutella is an Italian company called Ferrero. It said it had to do with the discount. It tweeted: "The decision for the promotion was taken [only] by Intermarché." It added: "We condemn the of this operation, which created and disappointment among ." The supermarket has not commented on this story. An employee said: "It was crazy. It seemed like it was the day of sales. People just rushed in, shoving and breaking things." He added: "It was like a . We nearly called the police." A tweeter explained how Nutella is in France. She said: "French people eat it by the spoonful. I had it on for breakfast as a child."

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