Gap Fill - 'Nutella Riots' - Level 0


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   angry      animals      another      bloody      company      company      crazy      hair      many      newspaper      nothing      people      price      price      riot      shopper      spoonful      stores      supermarket      upset  
People in France were fighting to buy Nutella. Supermarkets cut the of it by 70 per cent, from €4.50 to €1.41. There were shoppers outside . Inside stores, people got . A told a that: "They fought like . A woman had her pulled…and woman had a hand. It was terrible."

An Italian makes Nutella. It knew about the cut. The supermarket decided to cut prices. The was sad. It said the price cut confused and people. The did not comment. A worker said: "It was ….It was like a ." A tweeter said: "French eat Nutella by the ".

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