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Posting selfies on social media can be bad






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Posting too many selfies may cause a rise in narcissism, say researchers. Narcissism is selfishness and the belief you are very talented and beautiful. You need attention from others and think you are better than everyone else. Researchers found that big users of social media sites like Facebook showed a 25 per cent rise in narcissism in just four months. The researchers studied how people aged 18 to 34 used social media and looked at how their personality changed. Posting selfies seemed to increase levels of narcissism in a way that text messages do not.

Professor Phil Reed, from Swansea University, said: "There have been suggestions of links between narcissism and the use of [selfies] on social media...but until this study, it was not known if...[this] is associated with the...growth in narcissism. The results of this study suggest that...posting selfies can increase narcissism." He said that "about 20 per cent of people may be at risk of developing" narcissism. They want attention and likes from other people after they post a selfie. They also want to show others how their life is better or how they are more attractive.

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