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The words
A survey in the United Kingdom asked people about [live / life] after lockdown. The market research and [data / dating] analytics company YouGov asked 4,343 people about life after the lockdown [end / ends] . The company said they were [surprising / surprised] by the people's answers. Only nine per cent of Britons want life to return to "normal" after [a / the] coronavirus outbreak is over. This means 91 per cent want life to be [different / difference] to how it was before the pandemic started. Over [halve / half] of people (54%) said they hoped to [chance / change] the way they live their lives. Lead researcher Professor Tom MacMillan said: "This data shows there is a [real / really] appetite for change, and for the nation to learn from [these / this] crisis."

Most of the people [on / in] the survey said they noticed big changes because of the lockdown. Just over half (51%) have noticed [cleaner / cleaning] air outdoors, and 27 per cent have seen more wildlife [in / on] the past month. This may encourage people to use cars [fewer / less] when the lockdown ends. Maybe more people will work from [house / home] . Many people (42%) said they value food more, and 38 per cent said they are now [cook / cooking] using recipes and not buying ready-made [meal / meals] . Another change could be a stronger sense [off / of] community. Over 40 per cent of people said they now talk to people [who / whose] live near them. Professor MacMillan said: "People are trying new things and noticing differences at home, in their work and in [community / communities] ."

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