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need state try look write be have work taste consider
The sweetest way to some extra cash is on offer for those with a sweet tooth. A candy company in Canada is for people to taste and its original creations for the sweet sum of $30 an hour. The company is called Candy Funhouse and it "candyologists" to test and feedback on its candy and chocolate products. The company currently a huge range of 3,000 products but is always new sweets. The candyologists will responsible for deciding on 10 new candies that will part of a new line of Candy Funhouse-branded sweets. Candy Funhouse hopes to a global reputation as a quality confectioner.

The successful applicants will a number of basic requirements and qualifications. The company on its website: "Candidates should have enthusiasm and eagerness to confectionery products. We are for honest and objective opinions on the products that will be taste tested." They will have to a brief, two-sentence description for each product tested. Budding candyologists must "passionate about confectionery," not any food allergies, be fluent in English and have basic writing skills. They must also be U.S. or Canadian citizens and be willing to in Ontario. The candyologists will " samples objectively" and " aspects of taste, texture and quality".

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