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The [sweetest / sweetie] way to earn some extra cash is on offer for those with a sweet [mouth / tooth] . A candy company in Canada is [seeking / searching] for people to taste and review its [originally / original] creations for the sweet sum of $30 an hour. The company is called Candy Funhouse and it requires "candyologists" to test and [provide / revise] feedback on its candy and chocolate products. The company [currant / currently] has a huge [range / derange] of 3,000 products but is always creating new sweets. The candyologists will [be / get] responsible for deciding on 10 new candies that will be part of a new [straight / line] of Candy Funhouse-branded sweets. Candy Funhouse hopes to establish a global reputation as a quality [conditioner / confectioner] .

The successful [applicants / applies] will need a number of [basic / basically] requirements and qualifications. The company [states / starts] on its website: "Candidates should have [enthusiastic / enthusiasm] and eagerness to try confectionery products. We are looking for honest and [object / objective] opinions on the products that will be taste tested." They will have to write a [brief / briefly] , two-sentence description for each product tested. Budding candyologists must be "[passionate / passion] about confectionery," not have any food [allergies / allergic] , be fluent in English and have basic writing skills. They must also be U.S. or Canadian citizens and be [willing / wily] to work in Ontario. The candyologists will "taste samples objectively" and "consider aspects of taste, [texture / text] and quality".

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