Speed Reading — Levi's Jeans - Level 5 — 200 wpm

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Fashion is ever-changing, particularly so for jeans. The latest trend is baggy jeans. Many fashion lovers attribute these looser-fitting jeans to coronavirus. Many of us put on weight during the pandemic, so we can no longer fit in our skinny jeans, which have been in for the past few years. The CEO of Levi's spoke about the latest trend in baggier jeans. He said: "I think the pandemic definitely played a contributing role in consumers looking for a more comfortable, more relaxing denim." He added: "This is not the first time we've seen this [baggy look] resonating with consumers."

The CEO predicted the new fashion in jeans could last for a decade. Skinny jeans are out and "balloon jeans" are in. He said: "Some people have said that this is going to create a new denim cycle....The last real denim cycle was driven by skinny jeans. That cycle lasted about 10 years." He added: "I don't think skinny jeans are ever going to go away completely, but clearly, right now we are seeing a very strong demand for these looser fits." Levi's CFO said: "Some time in 2020, we came up with the balloon jeans, and we have seen people becoming a lot more casual."

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