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Jeff Bezos promises $2 billion to help nature






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Leaders at the COP26 climate conference are promising to help Earth. They have signed deals to end deforestation and cut methane emission levels by 2030. Global companies are also at COP26. Amazon's Jeff Bezos made a speech. He promised to give $2 billion to help nature, restore the countryside and transform food systems to make food more sustainable. Mr Bezos started The Bezos Earth Fund in 2020. This is a $10-billion project to help fight climate change. In September, this fund gave $1 billion to help indigenous peoples.

Mr Bezos decided to give money to protect the planet after going into space in July. He said that looking at Earth from space made him want to help our planet. He said: "Looking back at Earth from up there, the atmosphere seems so thin, the world so...fragile." He said the trip changed his feelings about our planet. He said: "I was told that seeing Earth from space changes [how] you see the world, but I was not prepared for how much that would be true." He said it was time for all countries to act. He said: "In this critical year...we must all stand together to protect our world."

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