Speed Reading — Fast Fashion - Level 1 — 100 wpm

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Environmentalists are worried about fast fashion. Lots of cheap clothes are having a negative effect on the environment. Companies make 100 billion items of clothing every year. This will grow by 60 per cent by 2030. Many clothes are not recycled and go to landfills. In addition, chemicals used to make clothes cause problems. They damage the health of people working in clothes factories. These include children who make many of the clothes.

People used to go to stores and try clothes on. They took time before they bought clothes and wore them for longer. Today, if people don't like the clothes they buy, they take them back. Some people buy clothes and never wear them. We have a throwaway society. A media company wrote: "Every year in Europe, four million tons of clothing ends up in the trash. Less than one per cent of this is recycled." This is not sustainable.

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