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The 2022 World Cup is [continuing / continuance] to produce shock results. The latest is Morocco's defeat of European [powerful / powerhouse] Portugal. Youssef En Nesyri's soaring 42nd-minute header saw Morocco advance to the semi-finals. In [so / such] doing, they become the first African or Arab nation to get to the last [fours / four] . Many soccer [pundits / bandits] argue the 1-0 result was not a shock. Morocco are only one of three teams to reach this [dais / stage] undefeated. They have also [conceded / concealed] just one goal. They defeated one of the pre-tournament favourites, Belgium, at the group stage, and then [eliminated / extricated] former World champions Spain [in / by] an earlier knockout stage. Their performances have been full of [gripe / grit] , attacking flair and determined defending.

[Dubbed / Snubbed] the Atlas Lions, Morocco look forward to opponents France [in / on] their semi-final on December the 14th. They are one game away from a [historian / historic] appearance in the final. Their win against Portugal [exploded / ignited] an outpouring of joy and raucous celebrations [throughout / thorough] Morocco and the Moroccan diaspora across Africa. So momentous [be / was] the win that at the final whistle, congratulations from world leaders [flooded / seeped] social media. The ruler of Dubai tweeted: "It was [an / all] unprecedented victory for Arab football." Somalia's president tweeted: "This is testimony [that / what] Africa is rising and we are a force to [do / be] reckoned with." Morocco coach Walid Regragui said his team would, "write history for Africa".

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